Welcome to Hope Warehouse!


Affordable, Flexible, and Consistently Dependable!

These are words our customers use to describe us.

Hope Warehouse is a full-service third party warehouse located in the small community of Hope, Indiana. Opening our doors in 1996 we have consistently and dependably provided quality, affordable warehousing and logistics services to local and even international commercial and industrial customers.

Contact us today for a quote on your storage and transportation needs, or to arrange for a tour of our facility.


The price you are quoted for storage is the price you pay.

Many other warehouse companies will charge a base square footage price or per unit price and then add on charges for a percentage of insurance cost, property taxes, utilities, facility maintenance etc.

Not us. At Hope Warehouse the price you are quoted is all-inclusive with no surprises.


We will work with you to create a billing system for your stored inventory that is easily understandable, verifiable, and consistently fair.

When your needs change, our service will adapt to consistently meet your needs.


Our custom designed electronic inventory system tracks every item moving in and out of our facility. Your inventory headaches will be a distant memory!

Our fleet of trucks deliver on time and as scheduled. Even for those hot, last minute shipments, Hope Warehouse is prepared to meet the needs of our customers.

Our well trained staff is dedicated and eager to meet your needs. With some companies you deal with new people every week. At Hope Warehouse more than half our staff was here on our first day in business.