The obvious need for our services was recognized early on. In the mid 1990's, with the push for "Just In Time" deliveries to production lines, many suppliers were encouraged to have a "safety net" supply near the manufacturer. As suppliers began using our services, they quickly recognized the benefits and cost savings of not only using us for the "safety net" supply, but for using our services to meet all their storage and shipping requirements.

Tracking inventory has always been a strongpoint in the service Hope Warehouse provides. With our custom written inventory program - where we use 11 different fields of identification - errors are virtually nonexistent. Also, once your inventory has been entered into our system, we can track it perpetually, letting you know when and what we received, where it was stored, and when and to where it was shipped. We can provide reports with this information along with signed BOL's for as long as you are an active customer. We literally have this information electronically stored from our first day in business in 1996. Our customers can also have the option of viewing their "beginning of the day" inventory listing through a secure link on our webpage.

Transporting your inventory is another dependable service provided by Hope Warehouse. With our fleet of trucks we can deliver and pick up your shipments not only locally but also throughout the Midwest. If routine shipments are happening at the same location, we will even provide extra trailers at no charge for a "drop and hook" delivery to allow our customers to unload and reload at their convenience.

Handling your inventory on and off trucks is accomplished with a fleet of modern forklifts with lift capacities ranging to 15,000 lbs. We also have a variety of forklift attachments to handle many different products and packaging configurations. At Hope Warehouse there will be a one-time only charge for handling your product from the truck to the storage area. As it leaves storage for delivery no additional handling charges will apply. This is just another way our customers realize cost savings by using our services.